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While I don’t have specific information about the “Core Values CHILIKA,” as it could refer to a specific organization, project, or initiative, I can provide a general example of core values that could be associated with the conservation and sustainable development of Chilika Lake. If you have specific information about the context or organization, please provide more details for a more accurate response. Otherwise, here is a hypothetical set of core values for CHILIKA:

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"Bird Island"

“Bird Island” is a term that can refer to various locations around the world where bird populations thrive, and they are often protected areas or reserves to support avian biodiversity. Without specific information about the context of “Bird Island,” I’ll provide a general overview of what the term may entail:

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It seems like there might be a slight misspelling, but I assume you’re referring to “Dolphins.” Dolphins are marine mammals known for their intelligence, social behavior, and playful nature. Here’s some general information about dolphins:

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Boats play a crucial role in the Chilika Lake region, facilitating transportation, tourism, and various activities. Here’s an overview of boats in the context of Chilika:Fishing Boats: